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I’m David Sawyer and it’s great to have you consider our student-success programs at FearNotChemistry! With a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master’s Degree from East Carolina University, I have more than 30 years of teaching chemistry at all levels including high school college-prep and Advanced Placement Chemistry, biochemistry courses in the community college system and even teaching opportunities at the universities where I earned my degrees. Whether you are seeking help to earn full credit for your chemistry course or aspire to obtain your college degree in a chemistry-related field, I am confident that you will realize my commitment to helping EVERY student experience an enhanced level of achievement by your participation in our LIVE, small-group programs at FearNotChemistry! Now, don’t just take my word for it… See what some of my former students have to say!

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The unique style of tutoring and teaching at FearNotChemistry gives YOU the ability to register for the topics in Chemistry that you want to sharpen. Because our sessions are LIVE, you will also have an opportunity in the concluding portion of your session to ask further questions and problem-solve with David Sawyer as your tutor. With many school systems utilizing online instruction, students find FearNotChemistry as the perfect supplement to maximize their Chemistry learning experience! What’s more, following your tutoring session, you will receive a link that gives you access to review your learning experience at FearNotChemistry for an additional 24 hours!

Students, past and present, sharing why David Sawyer makes a difference as your Chemistry Tutor.

Working with Mr. David is always a pleasure as he is very genuine and polite and he always makes students feel comfortable in the learning process. I always leave a lesson with him knowing more about the topic we discussed. He makes sure he clearly explains and walks through different steps with me so I receive and understand the most information possible in our time together without overwhelming me.

Gabriel Teague

Mr. Sawyer was a great tutor and is extremely knowledgeable about Chemistry. He recognized my way of learning and simplified the material by breaking down concepts so I could understand them better. He was also accessible if I had a question outside of his tutoring session. He really cares about the success of his students and made me feel very confident in the material so I did well in my class.

Allie Curtis

David Sawyer was extremely helpful in making seemingly complex Chemistry topics impressively simple. I met with him twice before my exam and he was able to help me understand a great deal of content in a short amount of time. I did well on my exam and could not have done it without him. He has a mastery of the content and a gift for teaching it. I look forward to employing his help in my future college Chemistry course.

Carter Rains

Mr. Sawyer was a pleasure to work with for additional chemistry practice. He made tough concepts understandable and paired this with many practice problems so that I felt confident going into my tests and exams. His positive and enthusiastic personality made learning chemistry enjoyable. I highly recommend Mr. Sawyer for anyone who needs extra help with chemistry!

Kelly Owens

Mr. Sawyer is an excellent tutor capable of working with all varieties of students. As someone who has never been very scientifically inclined, he helped me navigate a terribly difficult chemistry course with relative ease! He will doubtlessly be among the best options for tutoring with his extensive knowledge of the subject and capability to teach it effectively. His help will greatly reduce the amount of stress in any chemistry class regardless of your personal proficiency in the subject!

Jack O'Rourke

David Sawyer helped me understand chemistry, achieve the grade I wanted, and actually enjoy the concepts I was learning. He had a unique way of bridging the gap between what I understood and what was being taught. Being a student-athlete, I often needed him at unusual times; he ALWAYS found a way to make time for me. I am so thankful for my experience with him as it ultimately led me to a career in science in which I utilize chemistry everyday.

Maggie Hallow

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